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Kay has been invited back to Australia this fall for a 5 week tour for her new book From Sin and Sorrow to Service! Speaking/attending in youth groups, churches, ladies retreats, March for Babies Melbourne, RTL Sydney and Brisbane to name a few. 

Book OrderFrom Sin and Sorrow to Service
    an inspiring book by Kay Painter

"Kay Painter joins the remarkable cadre of twenty-first century voices proclaiming the victorious transformation from the kingdom of darkness to God’s kingdom of love! Pain is being replaced with the hope and promise of a life in Christ, and Kay’s testimony is a how to guide. A must read.”
Dr. Alveda C. King, King For America And Priests For Life
“I am confident From Sin and Sorrow to Service will minister to your heart, regardless of where you’ve been and where you are now.”
Brad Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues, Emmy® Award Winner

By man’s standards I had broken no laws.
Still, I guarded and justified my secrets.

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Secrets can be caustic . . .
I attended church but buried my secrets, creating shame, self-loathing, guilt, and soul-racking pain. I knew by God’s laws, I would be judged as a sinner, an adulteress, and a murderer. The appalling choices I had made brought me to the very gates of Hell: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Instead of reaching out to my Christian friends and church leaders, I became God’s prodigal daughter, grasping at worldly solutions. Hopeless and desperate, I eventually submitted to HIM. Searching the Bible rigorously, I discovered deliverance from my demons...Jesus, the cross, and HIS resurrection were all I needed.

I share my journey with you to give you the assurance that the forgiveness and freedom God offers is within your reach. Nothing is too hideous...if you turn it towards the SON. Our Savior is alive and offering redemption. Allow my story, God’s mercy, and HIS grace to show you how to LIVE FREE!
Kay Painter
KAY PAINTER is a sinner forgiven—wife, mother, grandmother and great-gran—who simply wants to be used by her Savior. She has spoken at forums in the United Nations and the White House, given her testimony on national and international television and radio programs and has been featured in newspapers and magazine articles. Kay has been on twenty-one international tours in thirteen countries. God is using Remembering S.A.R.A.
Ministries to spread the news of HIS grace.
The eBook edition of From Sin and Sorrow to Service is available for purchase from:

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