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First Choice Pregnancy Center -- This is known us one of the most successful centersin the US.<br>Last year they were able to save 2,300 confirmed babies. I helped in the center<br>one afternoon and we save three babies. Reason? Sharing the truth and showing them an ultra sound of the piece of 'fles' they want to abort.
Just down the street is our competitor a Planned Parenthood facility. A tape with 'LIFE' written on it found lying on street in front of Planned Parenthood.
Pam and one of her favorite pass times. Pam's live radio program on KKVV in Vegas. A post-abortive lady called in and we actually went to her home later and spoke with her about healing.
Juda Myers from Houston, Texas conceived thru tape, myself and our host on Dale Davidson TV.
Attended Wednesday night services at this Messianic Jewish Church.
Pam Caylor found me on Facebook, became friends. Invited me to Las Vegas to share my testimony. Brenda Shafer, opened her home to me. Once pro-choice before working 12 days in an abortion clinic<br>Since has testified to the US Senate and House on abortion. Brenda has beceome one of my adopted daughters.

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