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Events for 2014
January-- Washington DC--March for Life
April--Knoxville, TN for counseling training--Going Deeper
May--Grand Rapids, Mich.--Missionary training at Life International
June--Australia--book signings-speaking at schools-churches-prolife work


Trips being considered
The Philippines
Women's weekend healing retreats
Several local events

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Israel (2 Tours)

Toured this amazing country, attended a pro-life conference in Galilee.  Set up a table for Sara Ministries at conference to attract possible opportunities for travel.    While there we traveled into Bethlehem, Masada, Eliot, Ashkelon.  Visiting the tomb of Christ, King David's castle, the Whaling Wall, Church of all Nations and much more.  Visiting Capernaum was perhaps one of the highlights for me.   Looking down into Peters Mother-in-laws house where Jesus slept.  We spoke with several pro-life groups and shared our testimonies.  In Israel, it is an honor and mandatory to serve in the military both male and female for 2 years.  Should the girl get pregnant during her tour of duty, the government pays up to 2 abortions for her, but should she choose to keep the baby?? She is released from duty with no medical benefits.  Surrounded by their enemies and always alert for rockets, this was hard for me to believe. We need to pray for hearts to change in the Holy Land about life.

Romania (August 2012)

Spending ten days here, we found a people wanting to keep abortion illegal and protect their children. After a three day conference where clergy, pro-life leaders and Directors of pregnancy center attended. Julie and I share not just our stories, but also offered training for healing, discussed law to protect the babies and answered numerous questions. We gifted them with forty healing books in their language, plastic babies and abstinence brochures. From the response, many gain insight and ideas they could use for their individual programs. Next we were whisk off to a beautiful countryside village far from modern life, where the most common transportation was a horse and wagon. In a rustic Monastery, built in the early 1600's, we held a leadership venue where about 25 leaders for church youth groups attended. Again we put in long days of exchanging ideas. Our talks seemed to concentrate a lot on the men in the issues of unexpected pregnancies and their important part in parenting. Sadly discussing the odds of a child in drugs, alcohol, gangs and premarital sex escalates when the father is not involved in their children's. lives and how to get them to realize what a vital part they have.
Our last 2 days before leaving we were privileged to attend an official Romanian Wedding which last two full days and nights. We got to experience a part of their customs and were blessed to be added as family members during the exciting event. Our flight home proved to be a challenge as Julie and I fly stand-by and found ourselves sleeping at the airport in Germany for two consecutive nights due to overbooking. The third day looked no more promising so we took a train thru the beautiful Swiss Alps, spent the day in Zurich and flew home trouble free the following day. An added blessing on this trip.

Hungary (May 2012)

Flying into Budapest one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, we found our hosts Mary Jill. The first few days were doing TV and radio shows, speaking to Jr. High & High School classes. Then the weekend, we took a mobile home with seven people driving eight hours to Serbia. Border crossing are far different than going across state lines here.

Serbia (May 2012)

Arriving at a Country Side Inn Luana Stoltenberg, from Iowa, and I held a two day training on Forgiven & Set Free healing for a post-abortive women. Attending were thirty five women, when asked how many had had abortions only one raised her hand. After two long days of training, Sunday morning would be the final step which we planned to make short and hurry back to Hungary as we left at 6am the next morning for a six hour train ride into Ukraine. But the Holy Spirit had other plans, one by one all but three of the ladies began to share their stories. Horror stories of abuse, abortion, slavery and abandonment spilled from their lips and tears tumbled from their eyes. We prayed, laying hands on each woman and encouraged. The room was filled with glory as we moved thru the group. It was late that night when we arrived back in Budapest, tired but never more blessed and sure that our trip was worth it all.

April 2012
Hungary,Serbia and Ukraine,

This 10 day tour was extremely effective. In hungary we had schools, 2 TV interviews and a radio opportunity. Then in Serbia we held the first of it's kind 3 day training for Forgiven and set free Bible Study. One of the most popular studies used to help woman overcome the pain of abortion, where 35 ladies attended. Many needing healing Themselves. God Showed up in a HUGE way. The last three days were in the Ukraine with 3 TV shows, 2 Radio Programs and schools.

Ukraine (February 2012)

Our two short days here were long and filled with meetings. TV shows, radio, schools and speaking to a class learning to speak English was all rewarding. The class had to interpret what we had said, for their test that day. One of the unique customs we experienced was a quaint bridge in the center of the tiny town. As we walked crossed we noticed pad-locks filling the wrought iron decor of the bridge. When you got married in this little village, part of the expectation was to go to the bridge with the pad-lock with your names etched on it. Locking the padlock onto the bridge the newlyweds then throw all their keys to it into the swift deep river below. Signifying that you were locked together for life, the key was no longer available to get out to the commitment they made. Pretty neat, right?

Las Vegas (July 2011)

Invited on a radio show, then had opportunity to give my testimony on television showHelped out with one of the most successful pregnancy care centers in the US.  They alone saved 2300 babies last year.

Ecuador (4 Tours)

Where we spoke to churches, Bible studies, youth groups and had Three TV interviews.  Speaking engagement which reached 7000 teenagers.

McKay, Australia (4 Tours)

We were blessed to speak at a pro-life conference.  We had a real BIG blessing when Siena and her parents showed up and were also speakers.  I got to spend time with our little miracle and you can see this little beauty on the latest video on this website.  Then move into a 4 day teen conference called "EXTREME".  Teens had traveled for over 10 hrs to be a part of it.  This was the 11th year they have held it and there were over 400 in attendance.   Julie and I shared our stories and were the only ladies on the speaking roster.  Our stories were well recieved and met with numerous questions.   I also did the satire for abstinence which they found entertaining and also very educational.   Flying South we went to Melbourne for a luncheon of legistative workers where I shared my story and answered questions on laws in the US.  Our last week was spent traveling in a large van for 3 days speaking from town to town. Had a BBQ for about 45 where we shared.  Also got to eat Kanergoo stew before heading back to Sydney and home.

Santiago, Chile (Oct 2011)

Home 5 days we flew to Santiago, where the first ever Pro-life US & South American countires held a conference to exchange ideas, discuss laws and how to join together to fight abortion.  Eight from the US were invited of which Julie and I were among, and 12 countries had groups to represent them.  At the end of the meetings Julie and I had 7 invitiations to SA countries to come and speak.  We are now working at duplicating ourself so we can have 4 teams travel to South America and tour next year.  PRAISE THE LORD!!


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