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Las Vegas (July 2011) 
Pam Caylor (with her birds), runs one of USA's most successful pregnancy centers.  After discovering my story on youtube.com, she invited me to join her on her radio station on Las Vegas.  Her clinic is located on the same street, just before a Planned Parenthood Center.  This center through truth and ultra-sounds saved over 2,300 babies last year.  We did radio shows and a full hour television show, as well as experienced time in the center watching the process.  Brenda Shafer opened her home to me and became a best friend and adopted daugher.  Brenda was pro-choice until she as a nurse worked in an abortion center for two days and saw first hand the merciless killing of babies.  After years receiving counseling, she now speaks out of her experience within the pro-choice community. She has spoken before the US Senate and Congress when the bill to stop partial birth abortion was being voted on.  Brenda is the one with long blonde hair.  I also met Juda Myers from Huston, TX.  Her mother was pulled into an alley and raped by eight men when she was a teenager but still chose life. Juda is a result of that rape and her ministry is to show value to how ever life is conceived.  It was an amazing three days.

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Las Vegas Photos

Israel (2009)
A dream come true as not 1 but 2 trips to the Holy Land to attend Conferences and speaking engagements. The best part of these trips are the opportunities to walk in same places where our Lord walked. Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ashqelon, Eliot, Capernaum, Caesura Philippi. Galilee and many more Biblical attractions. Here we have a chance to witness to the Jews and share the Gospel. In Israel, girls may have the honor to volunteer for their country's military. The sad side is while serving they are given two free abortions by the government and should they choose to keep the baby? They are dishonorably discharged and no medical benefits are given. We have work to do in Christ's own country.

ECUADOR (2008) 

 \What a blessing when the Arch Bishop of Ecuador agreed to speak with us!  Just back from Rome and his schedule full, we spoke for over 1/2 hour with him. After which he had his aid take us to the media room of his office building and the next day we were contacted by all 3 major TV stations in the country for interviews.  He is a man of strong convictions who puts action behind them. We had prayed for days that he would find time to see us, and God made it happen. read more >

Check Out the Gallery for our photos in Ecuador


SPAIN (2008)

Mothers Day found us in Retro Park, the largest and very historic one in Madrid. Standing on an orange crate and sharing about Jesus as families passed by.  God did an amazing thing by drawing a large crowd to us and several with tears came up to discuss their pain afterwards.  Security was there but praise God not needed. Several hundred heard the truth and I pray all seeds planted that day are still growing today.  

Here we have a whole family of missionaries. David and Catherine Cotton and family moved from Australia to Madrid to serve their calling. Spain's churches are empty for the most part. Due to history of the churches they're turning their backs on social injustices. This family lives the word and through that, draw people to our Savior serving where ever there is a chance to share the gospel. Spent 3 full weeks working with teens and churches. We had the privilege to work the streets and talk with prostitutes about Jesus. One girl who had come away, we worked with while there, helped with clothes, etc. Sadly enough, she had been drugged at a party at age 16, to awake from Romania in downtown Madrid. No papers, no money, no way to return home through hunger and intimidation, she surcomed to the demands and began working the streets.


This was our first international tour and I had no idea what to really expect.  We spoke several times a day and found the people in Australia very warm, friendly and giving.  Here at a town hall meeting in Adelaide, we spoke to over 400 people and shared God's Grace and the story of my shame and guilt.  There were protesters there with signs and knowing they would come, we had several people stationed around the building and across the street in prayer for us.  Once our testimonies were over, the protesters picked up their signs and without a confrontation, just walked out.  Thank God for protection. read more >

ISRAEL (2006)

 Attending the International Women's Christian Conference in Israel was truly an experience. To learn about ladies sold in slavery, beating by family members, and even murders of some believed to have disgraced their families. I learned much that I now use in counseling as well as being blessed to walk in many of the same places as our Lord did while here on earth. read more >


We were privileged to have time with the Bishop of Auckland, NZ where we shared our stories. The Bishop was very interested and knowlegable and encouraged us to share where ever possible. He also asked us to have an interview with his news correspondent for a front page article in the National Catholic News.  Here we are sittling in his garden after the interview holding the affidavits and our sign. read more >


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