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This was our first international tour and I had no idea what to really expect.  We spoke several times a day and found the people in Australia very warm, friendly and giving.  Here at a town hall meeting in Adelaide, we spoke to over 400 people and shared God's Grace and the story of my shame and guilt.  There were protester there with signs and knowing they would come we had several people stationed around the building and across the street in prayer for us.  Once our testimonies were over, the protesters, picked up their signs and without a confrontation, just walked out.  Thank God for protection.

With an invitation to come to Australia for a 4 week tour, we enjoyed seeing the Opera House Convention Center as we headed for our first venue. Thru an unknown benefactor, God arranged for Ken my husband to accompany me. He would set up chairs, do dishes, tape the speeches, whatever need there was.  This was a blessings we never could have afforded on our own. And Ken's encouragement over the weeks of travel was invaluable to me.  Thank you God for your provision. 

We took with us the 2,000 affidavits from women here in America who had filled out the legal forms telling how abortion had hurt them.  They've been used in our Supreme Court in several cases as evidence of how damaging it can be.  A lawyer, we worked with in Australia; rewrote it to be legally correct in their country, with hopes to begin collecting them as well and someday use them to overturn abortion laws there as well. 

By the hand of God, we were invited to speak to a group of Senators from the Parliament in Australia.  We had one lady who was pro-choice who we were told had brought some information and would be asking some difficult questions of us.  But once our testimonies were over, she quietly stacked up her papers and slipped out the door. Revelation's 12:11 "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony."

Melinda Reist  Tankard is a well known author in the pro-life groups world wide.  To meet her and have her put on a luncheon for us and ask us to speak to a group of ladies, we an exciting offer.  We shared our stories and then were able to answer questions about our own experiences.  Later, Melinda would spend private time with us as we discussed the life cause we both serve.  Her words of encouragement meant a great deal to us. 


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