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What a blessing when the Arch Bishop of Ecuador agreed to speak with us! Just back from Rome and his schedule full, we spoke for over 1/2 hour with him. After which he had his aid take us to the media room of his office building and the next day we were contacted by all 3 major TV Equadorstations in the country for interviews. He is a man of strong convictions who puts action behind them. We had prayed for days the he would find time to see us and God made it happen.

Here in Ecuador we spoke on 5 different radio stations local and national, opportunities also for us to do 2 international radio interviews. This country was open and ready for us. The only way to explain it is that God truly went before us opened doors and prepared hearts. We found ourselves turning down almost as many appointments as we accepted. We rescheduled our flight date 2 different times to extend our stay because of requests. It was incredible, the opportunities that were offered.

The skit done on abstenince was fun and I think I loved doing it as much as the kids did hearing it. Although it is crammed with giggles and laughs, it was also filled with tough facts about the issues you face when you go outside of what God's guidelines are. Sparing nothing, I laid it all on the line. More than once girls would come up and say afterwards they would continue to stay pure, even if they were laughed at, the talk had given them encouragement to remain in Gods way of things.

School after School some days speaking up to 9 hours a day. These kids also had some great question and answer times with us. They were not afraid to be very blunt and we in turn shared the sometimes not to pretty facts with them. As I told them, you may not do it God's way but after today you can never again truthfully say. "I didn't know, why didn't someone tell me?"

Radio interviews often brought tears into the eyes of the interviewer. Listeners would later call in questions which we would do our best to answer. Some people called just to say, they wanted to be free from the guilt. We would share with them and often pray with them. Praying before each event was a neccesity for us. We needed to be sure we welcomed the Holy Spirit to the meetings that we might be as effective as we could be. We only have 1 shot at these people, they need to hear and accept the truth.

Speaking in countless churches we also found an acceptance and eagerness to hear. We spoke to parents, Priests, Professional Counselors, girls about to graduate as nurses, Doctors, and Psychologists. They seemed to understand hearing it first hand and asking questions was far better than reading solutions out of a text book. Their openness with us simply left us astonished, in America, we probably would never have been asked to speak, because of the falicy of separation of church and state.

National TV was really an exciting and unexplored area for us. I can't imagine speaking as we did on NBC-CBS- or ABC with such appreciation. How many did we reach? Only God knows, but we do know we spoke personally to over 10,000 people, not counting the newspapers, radio, TV, and magazine interviews.


The day before leaving these two men walked in on our testimonies, after which they asked to speak with us. The gentleman in the middle offered to open us 150 schools to us for our work, if we would come back. We will be returning to do just that in Spring 2009. There are healing classes right now going on with books we took down with us and we are praying to raise us a few out of these that God calls to share their stories as well. Our goal is to duplicate ourself and multiply.


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