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Attending the International Womens Christian Conference in Israel was truly an experience. to learn about ladies  sold in slavery, beatings by family members, and even murders of some believed to have disgraced their families. I learned much that I now use in counseling as well as being blessed to walk in many of the same places as our Lord did while here on earth.

Standing at the tomb of Jesus, seeing where the body was laid and the sign over it that says, "HE IS NOT HERE HE IS RISEN.'  There are not words to express the peace and assurance as you find yourself in this amazing place.  In awe we prayed, read the Easter story and took communion.  It is an experience every Christian longs for and God made it possible for me.  

Visiting a safe house on Mt. Carmel where Sudanese women and babies were staying and hearing of their hardships. Here we brought Bibles and 25 home made baby blankets to them.  Praying here with a young lady whom was having a difficult pregnancy due to abuse before arriving.  News followed us home that the baby girl was delivered safely. In her country she would have been thrown on in the garbage as waste due to the babies gender.

Another exciting blessing was to meet and actually spend some time with Kay Arthur, well known Christian speaker and author of over 30 top selling books. Her compassion and true concern for ladies rights in 3rd world countries was inspiring.  So many needs and so few workers.  Many wonder what they can do to help. God has given you a ministry as well, find it, USE it.

 It is hard to grasp that you are actually touching the place believed to be the birth place of Jesus Christ himself.  Only 15 feet from here was the spot where the manager that held our lord is marked.  I don't believe there is any trip that can compare to the faith building experience of going to Israel. The door opening to the church built around this important place is only 4 ft. high.  It was purposely built that way so all would need to bow upon entry, it would show reverence upon entry to the King of Kings. Thank you Jesus.


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