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We were privileged to have time with the Bishop of Auckland, NZ where we shared our stories. The Bishop was very interested and knowlegable and encouraged us to share whereever possible. He also asked us to have an interview with his news correspondent for a front page article in the National Catholic News.  Here we are sittling in his garden after the interview holding the affidavits and our sign.

Among the many opportunities we were given; here we spoke to a graduating group from a seminar about to become pastors.  It was eye opening to discover how little they were aware of Christian views on  social issues that we speak about.  They asked great questions and pray we gave them new prospective on how important speaking out in the churches is.  If it isn't heard there, then where, if not now, when and if not the pastors, who?

We spoke in many churches as well as working with local pregnancy centers about helping a woman heal from guilt.  God also arranged for several fund-raisers, we received interviews from 2 national newspapers and spoke on live radio stations on a question and answer show.  A taped TV show was also another way to get the message out that, Jesus's blood is MORE THAN ENOUGH to cover guilt for any sin.  Give him praise! 

This is a picture of what is called,"The Bee Hive", in Auckland, where the Senate and Congress meet.  Humbly we were allowed to speak before a group of Senators some pro-life some pro-choice to answer the hard questions.  Here one of the ladies who was pro-choice after hearing our stories, wiped her eyes  rose and left the room without raising any challenges to our testimonies.  We prayed for her later, she was probably a victim just like us. 


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